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Automobiles have become increasingly complex as manufacturers have sought to improve performance and add new features over the years. While modern advances in automotive technology have made transportation more efficient and comfortable, they have also made it more difficult to fix problems that arise in the electrical system. A malfunction of any of the automobile systems can leave drivers stranded in inconvenient situations. Luckily, a qualified mobile auto electrician in Bristol is not hard to find and will respond when you need them.

1) Bristol Auto Electrical (Unit D & E/Albert Rd, Bristol BS2 0YA) – This family owned establishment has been in operation for over 30 years and is the area’s self-described leader in auto electrical parts. They have two offices and six fully trained mobile auto electricians who know how to use the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment. The technicians who work here are qualified to repair air conditioners, heaters, starters, alternators, and lift motors. It is their goal to supply the parts you need within a 50 mile radius of their depots in under 24 hours. Vehicle repairs can be done on-site and may include private cars, commercial vehicles, buses, coaches, and motorcycles.

Telephone: 0117 971 2242

2) Sparks Auto Electrical Specialists (67 Bell Hill Road, Bristol BS5 7LY) – In business for over 20 years, this shop offers a full range of automotive electrical services. They utilize a fleet of mobile service vans that are able to repair vehicles without the need to transport them to a garage. If you are in need of a mobile auto electrician in Bristol then they are more than willing to meet you on the roadside for a repair. Not only do the technicians service private cars, but they are also skilled at repairing boats, camper vans, mobile homes, heavy plant equipment, and lorries. In the event that you simply need something electrical installed, this business can assist with CD and DVD players, TFT monitors, radios, and other types of entertainment.

Telephone: 0117 955 7084

3) Westlec Auto Electrical Services (Unit 4-5, Grove Industrial Estate, Gloucester Road, Patchway, Bristol, Avon BS34 5BB) – Established in 1988, the technicians at this garage offer a comprehensive set of automotive electrical services that include air conditioner and heat repair, accessory installation, security systems, engine management, and diagnostics. The individuals who work here pride themselves on their vast experience, friendly and personable service, efficiency, and service area. In addition, a mobile auto electrician in Bristol can be sent out to help with any roadside problems involving most automotive systems.

Telephone: 0117 979 2979

4) Slade Auto Electrical (114 Samuel White Road, Bristol BS15 3LR) – Technicians from this garage are on call 7 days per week and are available to assist customers on the roadside, at home, and work. They service all makes and models of vehicles including vintage cars and modern automobiles. Services include installation of electrical accessories, in-car entertainment, satellite navigation, reversing sensors, hands free mobile phone, lighting repair, and much more. A comprehensive list of additional services can be found on their business website.

Telephone: 0117 967 8235

5) Advanced Auto Electrical Ltd (69-71 Church Road, Bishopsworth, Bristol, Avon BS13 8JU) – This shop services a wide range of vehicles and is able to offer a diverse set of specialized skills. The latest technology is used to diagnose faulty engine control units, manage engine components, fix anti-lock brakes, install alarm systems, replace fuses, and much more. The technicians who work here have received positive reviews from customers and they provide photos of repairs that they have performed in the past.

Telephone: 0117 239 5184

6) RGS Auto Electrical (13A Ashley Down Road, Bristol BS7 9JN) – With more than two decades of experience, this business has the knowledge and skill required to handle most of the problems that a mobile auto electrician in Bristol can expect to encounter. The labor rate for services from this company are £35.00 per hour plus VAT. They keep a good supply of parts on hand including brake systems, fraction control systems, batteries, air bags, fuses, air conditioner and heating components, lighting systems, and much more.

Telephone: 0117 924 6433

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  1. Kelsey says:

    I have a 03 renault megane 1.9 dci. My headlight is working as my indicator meaning every time I go to Indicator right the head light flashes and my indicator does work also, but my boot won’t open from the outside but does from the inside. What price do you come out to look at the problems please?

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