Auto Electrician Salary in the UK

An auto electrician is someone who specializes in repairing the electrical system in vehicles. As automobiles have become increasingly complex, demand for automotive technicians has been steadily climbing. Ongoing efforts by the government and consumers to adopt greener, more energy efficient transportation have led to a rise in the adoption of electric-powered automobiles. The increasing use of these types of vehicles means that electrical specialists are poised to experience an increase in the amount of work and pay they receive.

The National Careers Service estimates that the average auto electrician trainee will start out earning around £12,000 a year. As the technicians gain experience, they can expect their annual earnings to increase to between £18,500 and £26,000 a year. These numbers are a rough estimate that can vary greatly depending on training, experience, geographic location, size of employer, and services provided.

Level of Training and Experience

Automotive technicians acquire most of the technical skills they need through many years of on-the-job training and experience. While there are a number of apprenticeships, certificate programs, and degree producing training opportunities available, specialty technicians still need to spend some time learning the ropes. As a technician acquires new skills and improves old ones, they will be able to perform a broader array of tasks and will be able to complete their assignments in less time and with fewer mistakes. This increase in productivity translates into greater earning potential for the business and a higher auto electrician salary for the employee.

One of the most important things to remember as you are working towards becoming a qualified technician is to treat the process like a marathon. You are not going to be able to complete a six month training program and immediately begin doing complex diagnostics and repairs. Learning to be a skilled technician takes time and you must be willing to let experienced technicians teach you how things are done. All technicians go through this process and they understand how frustrating it is to be forced to do basic tasks for long periods of time. The important thing is to remain focused and to have the end goal in mind.

Type of Employment and Work Environment

There are thousands of automotive repair shops currently doing business. Some of these establishments are large national shops and others are dinky mom-and-pop joints. The point here is that an auto electrician salary can vary tremendously depending on where a technician ends up working. This should make sense to just about everyone and an auto electrician needs to factor in employer size, geographic location, and salary when making a decision about where to work.

The larger automotive companies tend to get a lot more work and they hire specialty technicians to perform very specific tasks over and over each and every day. Since these types of employers are typically located in urban and suburban areas in and around larger metropolitan cities they will generally pay technicians significantly more than a small operation in a rural town somewhere in the remote regions of the country.

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