Affiliate Disclosure

This site was developed with the intent to be as straightforward as possible about the tactics used to generate revenue. We believe that anyone who creates a product or service that provides value to others should be compensated for the time and effort they invest. This website was meant to serve as a valuable resource for those who are seeking information about a career as an auto electrician or who want to learn more about specific details relating to the daily lives of auto electricians.

In the process of building this site and exploring new ways to serve our visitors, we may run across products or services that we feel might be of value to our visitors. We appreciate when our visitors feel the need to compensate us in some way and we have established affiliate accounts with the aforementioned products and services so that they can do just that. We want our visitors to know that we do receive commissions for some of the sales that result from the products and services that we promote on this website.

We feel that it is only fair that our visitors receive something of value in return for the money they spend. While the information that we provide is entirely free, we feel that it would be illogical and irresponsible of us not to find ways to fund our efforts. Rest assured, we value your time and your interest in this site and we would never recommend products or services that we do not personally use or feel would be valuable to some of our visitors.

The majority of the links that you see on this site are directed toward sources of information that are entirely free and from which we receive zero compensation. Most of these links are there for the benefit of our visitors so that they can quickly connect to resources that can help them advance their career or expand their knowledge of what an auto electrician is and how they might benefit from becoming one. We pride ourselves on our constant drive to remain up-to-date with current regulations and technology. We frequently monitor sites that relate to the auto electrician industry so that we can provide relevant information and advice.

We are always open to hearing your questions and concerns. The best way to contact us is to submit the “contact” form linked to on the navigation menu at the top of every page. We make sure that we are always available and are quick to respond when our visitors contact us. Thank you for visiting the site and we look forward to hearing from you.